Parking Lots

No matter what your business, your parking lot is usually the first thing customers see. If it’s worn, dirty, and stained, people are less likely to patronize your business and neighboring businesses are going to be displeased. Mr. Pressure Wash offers effective, comprehensive parking lot cleaning services throughout the Pacific Northwest. We clean with minimal disruption to you, your customers, and your neighbors.


In addition to pressure washing, we now offer parking lot sweeping. We recently acquired the NiteHawk Osprey sweeper, a remarkably quiet and versatile machine. We can use this in combination with pressure washing or as a stand-alone solution if your lot is unstained. The Osprey’s unique hydraulic system and moderate height allows us to sweep parking lots even during business hours and even if your lot is cramped. Most concrete surfaces acquire dirt, dust, and mildew that should first be swept away before they are washed.

If your lot requires pressure washing, we first use a spinner style machine on open spaces. This enables us to access most of your floor and gives a deep, thorough treatment without leaving lines or uneven surfaces. If there are any areas we can’t reach with the spinner, we follow up with wands. These give us access to cramped spaces.


If you need a thorough clean, we first use the Osprey to clean debris off your lot. Next, we put down a detergent in order to start breaking down any stains, mold, or other ground-in pollutants. Next we apply hot water at a rate between 2,000-5,000 psi. Mr. Pressure Wash uses a proprietary water recapture and recycle system to pick up all the stains and grime in your parking lot. We can even provide wash water if there is no source at your property. We block any drains and capture 98% of the water used. Then we take it off-site for recycling and reuse. No matter what the size or shape of your parking lot, we can clean it. Our top-of-the-line equipment also means we clean faster than our competitors.

We clean effectively and for a moderate price at Mr. Pressure Wash. But perhaps the most noteworthy thing about our services is the fact that we clean green. When you hire MPW, you can assume that the way we clean your parking lot will keep you in compliance with any applicable local, state, or federal regulations. Parking lots collect oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, heavy metals, and other pollutants. Removing these from the concrete means you have to keep the polluted water from washing into the ground system.


We always try to be as low-impact as possible, but cleaning concrete requires some strong chemicals to get your surfaces clean. We apply at a high enough concentration to clean and no more. Degreasers are often necessary. In combination with heat, they emulsify oil and allow us to remove stains. We may also use muriatic acid on urine, coffee, and other other deep stains.

We’ve already established that you need to clean your parking lot to comply with environmental regulations and to keep it looking good. Regular maintenance also preserves the life of your parking lots. Your concrete and lines will last longer if debris is not left to wear them away. We are also careful to use the minimum amount of water necessary so floors dry quickly, with little possibility of slippage and resulting liability.

If you have a parking lot that needs to be swept or washed, call Mr. Pressure Wash for an efficient, environmentally sound clean.