Parking Garages

Parking garages accumulate many different types of dangerous and unsightly grime – from oil and gasoline spills to heavy metal particulate matter. No one wants to park in a dirty garage or risk their safety by crossing patches of uncleaned chemicals and owners don’t want to run afoul of environmental regulations. So if you own a parking garage, you need to clean it regularly for safety, environmental, and aesthetic reasons.


When Mr. Pressure Wash was initiated, it filled a niche for green cleaning in the greater Seattle area. MPW used proprietary, green technology to keep customers ahead of the curve of environmental regulations. Since the company was founded, it has stayed ahead of the regulatory curve through research, relationships, and training. Environmental laws only get more stringent over time, so it makes sense to use a company that works with regulators to ensure its equipment complies with set standards. We cultivate and maintain relationships with local and state entities so that our customers are comfortable trusting us with cleaning jobs year after year.


The MPW parking garage clean is thorough, practical, and environmentally friendly. We sweep floors, then apply a detergent to get rid of oil and gasoline stains and other substances. We use hot water to get rid of stains, using psi ranging from 2,000 to 5,000. This hot water process results in a reduction of oil stains and increases the longevity of your clean. If you have a drainage system, our process ensures minimal water/pollutants will wash through it so your pipes do not clog.

Unlike many companies, we can wash multi-level parking garages as quickly as single-story ones because the system means we can process more than one floor at at time without risking pollutants dripping down.


Today, most businesses aim to go green – because laws require it, due to personal inclination or because of market pressure. Mr. Pressure Wash had an environmental mandate from day one. As a result, MPW is ahead of the curve. Cleaning a parking garage isn’t an easy project. It can require hardcore cleaners – muriatic acid, for one – that no one wants in the water system. We assess your parking garage needs – stains, etc. – and then pick the right chemicals for the job. We err on the side of safety, but we are able to use even harsh chemicals because they do not leach into the system from our sites.

If we use dangerous chemicals – necessary to remove some substances – we capture them before they can enter the water system. Our system is proprietary and highly effective – we usually recapture at leas 98% of any water used at a site. This enables MPW to use strong chemicals if your parking garage needs it.

We will also use more typical detergents for less dirty areas. It is pick and choose for use. No one cleaner suits a whole project. We divide stains and areas up and use the right chemicals for each problem, whether it is removing a dangerous oil spill or ensuring your lines are bright.