Green Technology

Don’t risk a costly fine from the EPA! Mr. PressureWash keeps your properties clean, without harming the environment.

Here’s why business owners who care about the environment—and want to keep their businesses out of trouble—choose Mr. PressureWash:

We use the most advanced, eco-friendly technology—With environmental laws getting more stringent every year, you need a cleaning company that’s ahead of the curve when it comes to cleaning technology. No other company can match the effectiveness of our proprietary concrete cleaning system!

Almost no water is wasted—We bring in our own water and vacuum up 98% of it at the end of cleaning, to be recycled for future use (the only exception being water used for cleaning siding).

We only use cleaning agents that are environmentally safe—Our special enzyme technology cleans tough oil stains using naturally-occurring microbes, not harsh chemical degreasers you find at most pressure washing companies.

We extend the life of your building siding—Using our concentrated but safe cleaning agents and higher water volume but lower pressure, we reduce the amount of wear on your building siding surfaces, helping them last longer.

For all the business and property owners who  do not believe it is important for your pressure wash company to capture their waste water, we note that a mobile truckcompany owner was found liable in federal court for $500,000 for non-compliance last year. Consider yourself educated.

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