Commercial Buildings

Does your commercial building look dingy? Have customers mentioned gum stuck to the sidewalk? Is mold growing on the side of your building   and black streaks coming down from the windows? It may be time to freshen your buildings image. If you want to project a cleaner look to clients or take more pride in your image, Mr. Pressure Wash offers an eco-friendly way to clean your commercial building efficiently and in
compliance with all environmental regulations.


There are four elements to pressure washing – pressure, water flow rate, cleaning solution, and heat. Each of these are adjusted based on the level of cleaning you require, the surface material, and what needs to be removed. For example, getting gum off the sidewalk requires heat where just getting rid of dirt may not. Roof cleaning or softer wood siding will require lower pressure cleaning than concrete.

At MPW, we have learned to adjust each of these four elements depending on the job. The goal is to get things clean without damage, which means we need to break the bonds between the dirt or other substance and the surface we clean and get rid of the pollutants without harming the surface on which they rest.

The process can be broken down into three steps – preparation, wash, and clean-up. Depending on the state of your property, you may need to
combine sweeping and pressure washing. We bring our own water so you don’t need to worry about a source. MPW employees are trained to
capture wash water (with pollutants) and recycle it. This keeps oil, gas, and other pollutants out of the water system and ensures your business is environmentally compliant.

We use high volume machinery to ensure a thorough wash and rinse, usually five to eight gallons per minute at 2,000-3,500 psi.


When you clean a commercial building, you have to consider the safest, most cost-efficient, and effective ways to attack a problem. At MPW, we choose the equipment based on the surface we clean, what is safest for our employees, and the difficulty level of the clean itself. Commercial buildings present access questions, since we often clean exteriors – some of which may be high above the ground.

One option is a telescoping wand (we have several sizes) if it is safer and more effective for washers to remain on the ground to wash. If the job needs the attention of an employee flush with the surface, we have several ways to wash. We may hook up window washing equipment, which is complicated but very stable, or have employees rappel down the sides of the building. We also have a scissor lift if the ground is flat and firm or a boom lift with greater balance capacity if the ground is less stable.

At MPW, we want you to have the cleanest commercial buildings possible, with minimum wear and a reasonable cost. We always research your space to determine the appropriate detergents, processes, and equipment for the job. We use a mix that will work best to ensure a clean space, the absolute minimum amount of wear, environmental compliance, and safety.


We choose the type of detergent for your space to get you the best possible wash without damaging your surface.

If you have mold and mildew growing on your siding or other surfaces, Mr. Pressure Wash uses a mildewcide, an agent that destroys mildew. A good mildewcide will kill any mold or mildew your building has accumulated and stops mold and mildew from forming in the future. The active ingredient in mildewcide attacks the mold-forming fungi that thrive in damp conditions. Since the Pacific Northwest is so damp for so much of the year, your properties are at risk for disfiguring and damaging mildew growth.

We use muriatic acid to clean brick and concrete. It restores the natural color of brick and stone that has been discolored through weathering and wear. Muriatic acid can also remove unsightly mortar, cement, concrete, and calcium deposits. It is particularly effective against rust and scaling.

We also use more conventional soap detergents either on their own if your property does not require a stronger solution or to complete cleaning after using a mildewcide or muriatic acid. Our goal is to clean with as little wear on your property as possible, so we will carefully consider the type of cleanser(s) we use before cleaning. Though some cleansers may harm the environment, we work so as to recover nearly all the water uses so no dangerous chemicals enter the water system as a result of our cleaning.