About Us

The intelligent property owner seeks to meet the most rigorous environmental standards when cleaning commercial property, parking garages, and apartment buildings.  If this describes you, Mr. Pressure Wash is the only choice for washing.  Partners Aaron Muller and Paul Whittier founded Mr. Pressure Wash with the specific goal of setting the highest industry standards for both cleaning quality and environmental compliance.

Mr. Pressure Wash uses custom built equipment the partners developed through years of manufacturing, selling, and washing equipment in the cleaning industry.  Muller and Whittier are adaptable and experienced – when laws changed in 1993 to require no wastewater go down the drain after cleaning trucks, they developed custom technology to gather waste and separate it safely for disposal.  During his time out of the industry, Muller started and operated several successful businesses focused on superior customer service and product quality.

Mr. Pressure Wash uses the partners’ collective expertise in technology and service.  Today, the Mr. Pressure Wash division cleans properties for many large clients across the Puget Sound are.  The company uses a proprietary water reclamation cleaning system that is more advanced than any other system on the market.

The owners are passionate about eco-friendly cleaning, quality of work, communication with clients, and their employees, offering competitive pay structures and incentives to guarantee employee commitment.  Mr. Pressure Wash works with local and state agencies to ensure compliance with all environmental laws for wastewater disposal.

If you own commercial property and want the cleanest and most eco-friendly service in the Puget Sound to care for your property, contact us today for a free estimate.